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    2014 Arnold Classic

    Posted by Dave DreasMarch 7, 2014

    Hey what’s up? Real quick blog filling you in on what I did last weekend. Let’s start off by saying I hate Ohio State and love Michigan. Therefore going to Columbus, OH wasn’t the most exciting thing for me to do. I survived and actually had a great time. I spent last weekend at the…… More

  • Reebok ZQuick

    Reebok ZQuick

    Posted by Dave DreasFebruary 19, 2014

    I’ll lay this out there. I’m not a runner. I don’t like running unless it’s incorporated through sports like basketball or soccer. Awhile back I was asked what Reebok’s #1 running shoe was. Now, I’ve worn a lot of Reebok shoes and truly do believe that they are great shoes for the active, weightlifting, performance…… More

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    I was an Idiot

    Posted by Dave DreasFebruary 12, 2014

    In certain instances I probably still am. That’s besides the point. When I was younger I didn’t know how to dress and to this day I’m still learning. Fashion has its “in’s and out’s.” There are certain styles that are “in” only to be gone a year or two later. That’s not uncommon. Throughout the…… More

  • Coffee Shop Q&A

    Posted by Dave DreasFebruary 6, 2014

    I get asked a handful of questions weekly through various forms of media. A couple from email, a couple from Facebook and then a whole lot at my gym. All questions are good questions so instead of keeping them a secret I’m starting a series of Q&A’s. I spend a disgusting amount of time in…… More

  • Your Setback is just an Illusion

    Posted by Dave DreasJanuary 9, 2014

    I heard this quote a while back. “Life is the hardest teacher, it gives you the test first and the lesson after.” Piggybacking off my last blog, this couldn’t be more true when it comes to opportunity. As human beings we tend to judge events on the basis of their immediate impact. What life usually…… More

  • Tie Rack

    Loop, Swoop, Pull – Storing Ties

    Posted by Dave DreasAugust 21, 2013

    Don’t be a chump – Hang your Ties I’ve said this before and will say it a hundred more times. If I could go back two years I would probably kick my own ass when it came to my lack of style. I can’t do much about it now so I’ll take the positive approach…… More

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A self proclaimed style-less jock, Dave Dreas created Modestly Refined under the premise of taking his boyish intelligences and turning himself into a modern gentleman. Dave continues to build a foundation off of his former mishaps to become a fitness cover model and a mildly polished individual. His humor, calm cool and collected attitude hopes to rub off on the serious laden individual, including himself.

Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you. Don’t take yourself so seriously.Norman Vincent Peale.